Your Home In the Sun


Why Cyprus?

If you are thinking of buying a home in the sun but haven’t got Cyprus at the top of your list here are a few reasons you might want to.

Cyprus is an extremely popular location for British and International Expats and there are many good reasons for it. Not only is the climate fantastic, there are beautiful beaches, a rich culture and history and a wonderful quality of life to be had. If you need more convincing, here are just some of the reasons you might want to make Cyprus your permanent or holiday home.

1. Most people speak English

  • When we say most, truly you will have to try fairly hard to find someone who doesn’t speak if not fluent then passable conversation English. This is partly a legacy to the fact that Cyprus has had a long association with the United Kingdom being at one time being Owned by King Richard the Lion Heart, a gift when he married Queen Berengaria (visit Kolossi Castle for more on that) and at various points throughout history a protectorate. Even now the Sovereign Base Territories have British Forces Garrisons at Episkopi, Dhekalia and RAF Akrotiri.

  • With the large British expat population and an excellent education system English is officially Cyprus’ second language, the first being Greek. It means that everything from Shopping to taxing your car and banking are hugely less difficult and much more manageable than if you don’t read and write the local lingo. Of course, that doesn’t mean the locals won’t appreciate you learning a bit of Greek when you get here. Plus learning a new language is good for the old grey matter.

2. Blue flag beaches and sunshine

  • Two of the island’s greatest benefits are its amazing beaches and sun: look forward to 49 pristine Blue Flag beaches and 3,500 hours of sunshine per year. You can enjoy the weather while you spread out your towel, relax on a sun lounger or join the huge community of water sports lovers from boating to diving in the clear waters for most of the year.
  • Blue Flag status is an excellent benchmark for anyone looking for a holiday home near a beach that is guaranteed to be clean and meet certain standards, like hygiene, sanitary conditions, safety, accessibility and lifeguarding.

3. Plenty of space for a small island

  • It’s the third largest island in the Mediterranean at approximately 3500 square miles but you can drive from one end of the island to the other in less than an hour and a half (good highways and much lower traffic than we are used to in the UK help) and it is one of only a handful of countries in the world where you can be walking along the beach in your shorts one moment and an hours drive later be skiing on Mount Olympus.

  • According to most statistics there are roughly 1,000,000 people living in Cyprus most concentrated into its five main cities: Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaka, Paphos and Famagusta. This leaves plenty of elbowroom elsewhere in the country to relax in but a big enough population that if you fancy heading to the bright lights you can find Food, Entertainment and shopping opportunities to satisfy any taste, more on that in a moment.

4. Relaxed pace of life

  • Aside from tourism Cyprus is quite a hub in the Mediterranean for Finance and Shipping yet has managed to retain a wonderful relaxed culture and pace of life. Arrive from the UK and feel the stress melt away. If you’re fed up with everything hurtling along at 100 miles an hour back home, get ready to immerse yourself into a blissfully chill Cypriot lifestyle. It can take a moment to adjust after the hustle and bustle of the UK, but you’ll find yourself becoming more at peace in no time.

5. Food, shopping and entertainment

  • One of the big winners in living on Cyprus is the choice of food, shopping and entertainment. The quality of the food, given the input from a host of nationalities, means a fantastic choice from Indian to Cypriot and Israeli to Italian — and everything in between including TGI Friday’s, KFC, Taco Bell, Ocean Basket and McDonalds.
  • There is also a wider choice of shopping, specifically food shopping than in other Mediterranean spots. Elsewhere you could struggle to find a shop or supermarket that would sell Cadbury’s or Galaxy chocolate (If you have a wife like mine then nothing less will do!). Yet, in Cyprus, all the supermarkets offer the best in UK home comforts that you could crave.
  • Shopping wise, in addition to a myriad of local shops and brands there are IKEA’s, Marks and Spencer, Lidl all they way up to Armani and Gucci and some large shopping Malls, the one in Limassol boasting it’s own ice rink and bowling ally. There are many Entertainment venues across the island ranging from Multiplex Cinemas to Theatres with International Acts appearing throughout the year and one of our favourites, various shows and Shakespeare plays set in the Roman Amphitheatre on the cliffs at Curium Beach.